Not Long Now, writers required!

Not Long Now is an immersive theatre project taking place in London 2013 in which the audience find themselves trapped in a large building while the early hours of a zombie apocalypse rage outside. The audience may join any of several groups of survivors and attempt to survive the onslaught as the creatures fight their way inside, or may be already there.

We are looking for a team of writers to join the project and we are open to submissions. So if you’re interested, send your scripts along to along with a short paragraph telling us a little about yourself. We’re looking for between four and eight writers.

Submissions do not have to be zombie themed, nor do they have to be theatre scripts. Just send us something that you feel shows us why you’re suited to the project.

A shortlist will then be prepared from the most suitable candidates, and they will have the opportunity to tour the building. We’ll then be holding short interviews to talk about your ideas for the project.

Those who are finally chosen will be asked to produce a plot skeleton of their ideas. From here, ideas will be joined together so that the different groups of survivors will interact and key events are factored in. From here, writers will have free reign over their characters, plots and ideas.

Unfortunately due to the collaborative and site specific nature of the project, we are unable to accept submissions from overseas writers, or those who would be unable to travel to London to view the location.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, you can email us at or head over to our twitter or facebook page and join the conversation.

Get submitting!

You feel a dull but sharpening buzz in the back of your head as a sticky trickle sneezes you back into consciousness.

With your blurred vision and unknowable circumstance, you resort to a default set of perceptions, so when you feel the hot weight of a body against you you assume this is the morning after, that the figure is marsupial in its affection.

You feel a tickle of hair against your open gums and the pneumatic taste jolts your eyes wide open. You are immediately choked by the bad sweet yellow and Lego brick red of a squirming head, torn, and creased with jellied blood.

The body grinds against you, trying to escape the gnashing teeth of a man. It shakes itself free and detaches from the man’s mouth, letting it fall directly onto your cheek. You feel the lamprey hunger for skin as you roll, sliding the body out from between you.

The man spits chewed lips from his bleating red gasket and you drag yourself on to war torn feet. You pull the vomiting, stunted body with you and throw open the nearest door.

As you seal your entrance with a splintering avalanche of furniture and finally feel the pulsating thaw of a well taken breath, the screaming body crumples toward the floor and blushes red from its open wounds.

Outside, a thousand cannibals fold themselves in half. Scratching, and right at your door.


~ by Sandy Nicholson on June 7, 2012.

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