Writing update in which I will only use the word fruit once

Good evening all!

Several exciting pieces of news have come about writing wise, so I’ll plough through them now.

1: I recently did an extremely fucking not safe for work guest post on blog called “BookCunt”. This isn’t the most exciting thing going on at the moment but embarassing stories being what most of you visit here for I thought I’d lead with it.

BookCunt: Scent of a Woman (Don’t read this if you’re in my immediate family)

2: I have landed my first feature contract! I’ll be working with Starfront Pictures LTD on a found footage horrot film and I’m very excited about it. This is a big step for me and an unexpected shift in genre of choice from rom com to horror. Speaking of which…

3: My site specific horror zombie play Not Long Now is picking up steam and getting funding.  The writing competition is still going on so writers, enter your scripts by 3rd September to get a chance to be part of the project.

Everyone else go to www.notlongnow.net and read all about it, and please spread the word. This is an ambitious idea and I need your help getting people excited about it.

4: Comfort Food, my rom com recipe web series is in editing at the moment and hopefully a trailer may be coming out very soon. If you haven’t watched the pilot yet you can see it at www.comfortfood.tv it involves fruit.

5: I recently did an interview with James Burrough for 100 day Screenplay challenge about writing and pop music and a lot of stuff that might have been irrelevent to the questioning.


Thanks for reading and for all your support getting to this point! Hopefully some more articles on stupid shit that’s happened to me coming soon to make it all worth it.




~ by Sandy Nicholson on August 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Writing update in which I will only use the word fruit once”

  1. Make love to me, like you used to…

  2. I shan’t!

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