It’s in his Kiss (shoop shoop)

Cher is being a dick in that song! “Does he love me, I wanna know, how can I tell if he loves me so?” she asks, pleading with her friends for help. Then each time they offer help and try to answer, she barks back at them “OOH NOOOO THAT’S NOT THE WAY!” and then proceeds to, smugly with great volume, show off that the she knew the answer all along!

“If you wanna know, if he loves you so it’s in his kiss”

YOU WERE THE ONE ASKING, CHER! NOT THEM! I don’t show up at your house asking you how to make an umbrella and then when you answer I go “SHUT THE FUCK UP THIS IS HOW!” and then make you say “ooh yes” every few minutes while I complain at you for not listening. Of course they’re not listening to your lunatic ramblings!

The fuck are you playing at, Cher?! Nobody is impressed!


~ by Sandy Nicholson on January 30, 2014.

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